Squale Watches and Mario Terzi, one of the world?s most renowned Master Engravers, have together created unique Squale Master Diving Watches, featuring interpretations of Marine Life.
Terzi is always studying and looking for something new. That?s why we can see so many different styles and techniques in his works.
The starting point is always the drawing and a master engraver must be a master painter.
Every model will be a masterpiece from the hand of the master. Potential owners can still give direction to the design that will be custom-made and only after approval of the drawing will be implemented the new engraving.
Each watch will be a unique and not to be repeated.

For further details :
Squale is very proud to introduce an update Squale 2002 to its great line of products. The new updated 2016 model features a Helium release valve as standard , beautifully integrated in the side of the case doing its important job of releasing the helium gas and pressure that build up in the watch during deep diving.
The Squale 2002 is very comfortable to wear and well balanced on the wrist, the classic designed case is sized 43mmx55mm and has a height of 13mm and stands out by its unique shape and almost sculpted appearance.
All models feature highly scratch resistant 4mm thick sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating on the inside of the glass for excellent readability in every possible condition.
The glass is mounted on a double flexible gasket to ensure it is capable of pressures up to 101 Atm or 1000 meters water-resistance.
Squale is proud to introduce a new high quality tropic strap that is available in the sizes 20 mm and 22 mm. The straps are available with a variety of buckles to match the different case-finishes of the models in our collection.
The tropic strap is made of a unique and patented material that is UV-ray and Saltwater resistant.
The strap has a special design on the inside that supplies a constant flow of air under the strap to dry the skin easily.
The strap is very comfortable and supple to wear but strong and durable too. A perfect and ergonomic dive-watch strap with the classic looking Tropic design to complement the looks of your Squale watch.
The straps are available in two size, 20 mm and 22 mm wide and can fit all models in the Squale collection.

High Quality Signed Buckles are available in Polished steel, PVD-coated and sandblasted (20mm only)
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