60 Years of Squale

10th of July - Squale's Anniversary

Neuchâtel, 2019

Sometimes the bond of friendship between two families pushes people to do extraordinary things. The Maggi family’s passion has allowed us to give continuity to the brand founded by Charles Von Büren in Neuchâtel in 1959. For the past sixty years, Squale has continued to innovate while preserving its original values of quality and reliability. 

Sixty years ago Charles Von Büren established the Squale brand and created what we now know as the Professional Diving Watch.

In 2019 we came together at Neuchâtel to celebrate this great brand and to introduce a special watch: the Squale SUB-39 60 Years Special Edition (limited edition 150 pieces).

10th of July is an important day for Squale as the brand celebrates its anniversary.

Ms. Monique Von Büren - daughter of founder Charles Von Büren

This watch, as every other Squale product before it, comes from a long history of success, proving how the passion for watchmaking can give continuity to a project and to an emotion created by Charles Von Büren's family and passed on to the Maggi family. The Maggis have continued to maintain the traits that make every Squale watch unique: quality and reliability. With a design based on the case from an iconic Squale watch from the 1970s, this watch is the essence of emotion, charm, passion and history.

Mr. Andrea Maggi - Squale Brand Ambassador

SUB-39 Sixty Years Special Edition


Squale 1521 Onda Pink

Squale 1521 Onda goes pink.

The dial, designed to recall the waves of the sea, is now available in a bright, stylish and sophisticated new colour. This watch is a unique iteration of a model that made history thanks to its remarkable balance between style and functionality. The watches from Squale’s iconic 1521 series are not only outstanding professional tools, known for their safe...



Squale headquarters returns to Switzerland

Squale is going back to its roots and moving its business headquarters to Switzerland, where it all began more than 60 years ago. For an independent brand to survive and grow within increasingly competitive and dynamic markets, it needs to be ever more efficient. This move will allow us to be closer to all operational phases -- design, management and distrib...



Lost Wrecks

A unique and hard to find documentary about Charles Van Büren and Squale watches.

A wonderful video about Squale's amazing history set in Isola del Giglio, Italy (1970/1980). It follows Charles Von Bren and his daughter Monique as they dive in search of archeological finds. Original title: "Relitti da salvare" (Lost Wrecks). Enjoy!...



The brightest

Squale 1521 Full Lumen

The Squale 1521 series watches is the classic diving watch in its most elegant form and a model that is around for almost 40 years. Regarded as one of the most important diving-watches of the 1970`s and a template for the perfect diving watch. The design of this watch was made by Charles von Büren (founder of Squale) and main priority was to create an elega...



Carbon Style

Squale T-183 Carbon Red

The Squale T-183, introduced at Baselworld 2019, is now available! The new collection has been received with great enthusiasm; nevertheless, we have opted to delay its commercial release date until 1 March 2020. Squale has decided to introduce carbon, a highly resistant and extremely light material. The case (42mm) is composed of alternating layers of carbon...



Squale on WatchTime Magazine

We are on American #1 Watch Magazine - 2019/October

A Swiss-Italian Family Affair In 2019, the professional dive watch specialist Squale celebrates its 60th anniversary with a new limited edition. ‘— On the shore of Lake Neuchâtel, right next to the city’s largest marina, is the location of one of Switzerland’s oldest dive centers. e Centre International de Plongée Neuchâtel (CIP-NE) was founde...


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Squale 1521

Squale 2002

Squale Matic

Squale Sub-39

Squale T-183