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Squale Master x Palombari of Comsubin

The collaboration with the Italian Navy began in the 80s,
when Squale won two contracts to supply watches to Comsubin,
an elite department based on the Ligurian coast.

Today, after the introduction of the Master Marina Militare in 2022, Squale is unveiling the Master x Palombari del Comsubin,
a watch equipped with technical characteristics that guarantee excellent performance even in extreme conditions,
such as at profound depths.
This is the first Squale timepiece made entirely of grade-5 titanium and produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces,
a portion of which (the first 80) was reserved for the Comsubin divers while the remaining watches are available for sale.

The watch created for the Palombari of Comsubin

The first 80 watches are assigned to the Palombari.

The Strap made from the suits of the Palombari

The watch comes with a rubber strap, ideal for diving. The second strap was expressly requested by the divers and is made of the same fabric as their camouflage suit and guarantees maximum comfort when worn out of the water.

Squale and the Palombari of the Comsubin