Brand philosophy

Squale wants to spread its philosophy and values around the world. We keep alive the pioneering and adventurous spirit of our founder, Charles Von Büren, by distributing Squale’s professional diving watches worldwide. We export the best Swiss tradition of precision watchmaking.

Mr. Andrea Maggi - Squale Brand Ambassador

We have been making reliable and cutting-edge Professional Diving Watches for over 60 years.
Quality and Reliability are our priorities.

Our Company

Squale, a brand with over 60 years of history behind it, is one of the few companies in the watchmaking sector in Switzerland that is still a family business. The strong ties between company and family, history and tradition have always played a key role in the development of the brand.

The many accomplishments that have marked Squale's history are the result of a prosperous professional partnership and a loyal friendship between the Von Büren and the Maggi families.

The brand is currently managed by Andrea Maggi, who took over from his father Elisio, but Squale's story began more than half a century ago, in 1959, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The brand was founded by Charles Von Büren, a manufacturer of watchcases who, together with his wife, established the company C. von Büren SA in 1946.

Charles also had a passion for scuba diving. In 1959, after testing the reliability of the watches himself on countless occasions, Charles registered the Squale trademark and thus began Squale’s story. He was a true pioneer in the then virtually unexplored field of professional diving watches. Squale watches immediately became iconic and established themselves in the world of diving as professional, safe, reliable and durable instruments capable of calculating compensation and immersion times.

In the 70s, Charles met Elisio Maggi, Andrea's father. Elisio was the Italian distributor of Squale products  and thanks to his tireless work the brand entered the Italian market. The friendship that was borne between Elisio and Charles still binds the two families today, after three generations.

After Charles retired and with the approval of all members of the Von Büren family, the Maggi family took over Squale with the objective of growing the brand internationally and keeping the adventurous and pioneering spirit of its founder alive. 

In 2019, to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary, the two families once again came together to pay tribute to the past and to share future projects.

Nowadays, under Andrea Maggi’s management, the company continues to grow and expand worldwide in increasingly competitive and dynamic markets. 

Thus continues a story of great accomplishments that began more than 60 years ago.

Squale Collaborations

If you wear a Squale, you become part of a success story that is over sixty years old.

Our collections

Squale 1521 Black Blasted Mesh 1521BKBL.ME20

Squale 1521

Squale 2002 Blue-Red 2002.SS.BLR.BL.ME22

Squale 2002

Squale Matic Chocolate Leather MATICXSD.PTS

Squale Matic

Squale SUB-39 Blue SUB39BL

Squale Sub-39

Squale T-183


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